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Category Archives: Fathers’ Rights

The effects of establishing paternity in Illinois

The Effects of Establishing Paternity in Illinois According to Illinois law, if an unmarried couple has a child together, the father will not have any legal rights regarding custody or visitation unless he establishes paternity. The mother will also not be able to obtain child support payments unless the father's paternity has been established. For…
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Protecting fathers’ rights in Illinois

Protecting fathers' rights in Illinois In Illinois, a putative father is a man who believes that he has fathered a child but who was not married to the child's mother when it was born. For protecting fathers' rights in Illinois, a man who believes that he is the legal father of a child must first…
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How to Determine Paternity in IL

How to Determine Paternity in IL and Why it is Important When a child is conceived and born while a woman is married, Illinois law presumes that her spouse is the paternal father. However, if the woman is not married, the man is the alleged father and has to legally establish paternity. In order to…
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Rights of fathers in custody cases

Rights of fathers in custody cases Illinois parents who are going through a divorce may not know that the attitude of courts has shifted in recent decades toward increased fathers' rights. While some high-profile cases have appeared in the news of celebrities who are not married to the mothers of their children fighting for custody,…
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