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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Benefiting from the Putative Father Registry

Benefiting from the Putative Father Registry Many unwed fathers may not be sure how to assert their rights when caught in disagreements with a child's mother over custody or adoption issues. However, a majority of state governments, including Illinois, allow a potential father to sign into a state-wide registry, which gives the men legal standing…
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Review finds custody bias

Review finds custody bias A recently published review by Drexel University showing that LGBT parents face bias in court over issues related to child custody may interest Illinois readers. The review found that a gay or lesbian person who is coming out of a heterosexual relationship could be denied custody or face visitation restrictions. For…
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Adoption law updates

Adoption law updates Expectant fathers in Illinois may be interested in the recent changes to adoption laws in Utah. The new law gives more consideration to birth fathers when a woman wants to put her baby up for adoption. Utah is well-known for its adoption laws that favor birth mothers, and lawmakers hope the new…
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Chicago father taken into custody for late support

Chicago father taken into custody for late support A Chicago man was taken into custody on allegations that he owes more than half a million dollars in child support. The 52-year-old man had a child support warrant issued for his arrest in 2008, but the father of three managed to avoid detection by law enforcement…
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