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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sexism is an act that doesn’t discriminate based on gender

Sexism is an act that doesn't discriminate based on gender The term sexism is often relegated to conversations involving discrimination against women. Whether it is in the employment context or in the home, and this is not to say that these conversations lack truth. However, the same stereotypes that women fought to eliminate affect men…
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What should involved dads know about fathers’ rights in divorce?

What should involved dads know about fathers' rights in divorce? If you're a dad with kids and a divorce is in your future, you may be wondering if it's true that even actively involved fathers face huge obstacles in child custody and visitation determinations. Do divorce courts automatically award the primary physical custody and the…
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Dispute over summer plans? Learn to mediate visitation conflicts

Dispute over summer plans? Learn to mediate visitation conflicts Whenever you're co-parenting with someone you're no longer in a committed relationship with, issues can arise about what activities you would each like the children to be involved in, whether one parent can take the kids on an extended vacation, and who is going to pay…
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Have a happy post-divorce Mother’s Day with visitation planning

Have a happy post-divorce Mother's Day with visitation planning Happy Mother's Day this Sunday to all moms, whether you're married, divorcing, divorced or single. Not only is it the holiday meant to celebrate the essential contributions of mothers, it's also a traditional harbinger of spring, which we could all use this year.If you're considering or…
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