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Covid-19 and Illinois Courts: James Kelly, a Palatine Divorce Attorney with Clients in Cook, Lake, DuPage and McHenry Counties, Describes Virtual and Socially Distanced Court Proceedings

The rise of Covid-19 has created unprecedented work stoppages in Cook County, Lake County and the surrounding counties. Many people might wonder about the effects of Covid-19 and Illinois Courts. The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, P.C., a Palatine Divorce attorney, is currently helping clients navigate the difficulties created by the Covid-19 epidemic. At present, the Cook County Court system is closed through and including the beginning of July, 2020. Some judges in the Cook County system including the Third District Court house which serves Palatine, Illinois are allowing some cases to move forward using Zoom. The vast majority of matters, however, are being continued to future dates as determined by the Clerk of Circuit Court of Cook County.

Other Counties such as Lake County are proceeding exclusively using Zoom and have created virtual divorce courts where the parties and the attorney’s are in a virtual waiting room until their case is called. Once called, the attorney’s unmute their microphones and proceed as if we were in divorce court. Having now appeared virtually on one order of protection matter in Lake County Court; and, one parentage matter in Lake County Court, James Kelly, a Palatine, Illinois divorce attorney can say that it works fairly well. Overall, the system is rather efficient despite some participants losing connectivity every once in a while.

On the brighter side, McHenry County Clerk of Circuit has reopened for full schedule of cases. This coming week, James Kelly, a Palatine family law attorney, will attend divorce court in person in McHenry County Illinois. This will be his first court appearance since the Covid-19 shut down began in mid-March of 2020. It appears that social distancing in the Court house will be observed as well as the necessity of wearing masks. The Sheriff of McHenry County will not allow anyone to enter the court house without a proper protective mask.

James Kelly is a Palatine divorce attorney, assisting clients with divorce, family law and bankruptcy. Despite Covid-19, he continues to help clients through safe socially-distanced measures. People have wondered about the effects of Covid-19 and the Illinois Courts, but through the use of zoom and social distancing, many courts are allowing cases to be processed.

About the author:
James M. Kelly,a Palatine divorce attorney is engaged in representing clients in contested and uncontested dissolution of marriage proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. James Kelly, has been practicing in the northwest suburbs of Cook County and to a very relevant extent McHenry County, Lake County and DuPage County. James Kelly has been admitted to the practice of law in the State of Illinois since 1994.

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