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Category Archives: Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce? Some readers from the Chicago area may be interested in learning more about collaborative divorce. About one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, and the ratio may increase with each subsequent marriage after the first. Though many divorces tend to be emotional and highly contentious affairs, it is possible…
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How does collaborative divorce work?

How does collaborative divorce work? As many Illinois residents may already know, when a couple brings their divorce before a judge, the outcome will be based on standard formulas and may not accurately reflect an individual family's needs and wishes. In rare cases, couples may be able to agree on all the terms of their…
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Collaboration may make divorce easier

Collaboration may make divorce easier Illinois residents who may be contemplating divorce know that this process is not always smooth. The transition from marriage to separation requires making many important and often difficult decisions. Sometimes the divorce process is amicable, with both spouses working toward a fair dissolution, and other times the process is anything…
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A simple way to handle a divorce

A simple way to handle a divorce Divorce cases can use collaborative law in many instances. The Uniform Collaborative Law Act was adopted in 2009 by the Uniform Law Commission and is available to be practiced in any state, including Illinois. Collaborative law is simply the idea that couples work out their own settlement, often…
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