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A simple way to handle a divorce

A simple way to handle a divorce

Divorce cases can use collaborative law in many instances. The Uniform Collaborative Law Act was adopted in 2009 by the Uniform Law Commission and is available to be practiced in any state, including Illinois. Collaborative law is simply the idea that couples work out their own settlement, often with the help of an attorney, and avoid a court proceeding that may well not work out in a fashion that makes either party happy.

It is a process that is similar to mediation, but it does require that both parties enter voluntarily and sign a participation agreement. Also, the attorneys in the case are generally prohibited from representing either party in any future family law cases. The attorneys only negotiate and try to solve problems by addressing the major components of a divorce, which include financial, legal and mental issues, and they are not bipartisan.

It has been noted the couples who engage in the practice are more likely to keep up their part of the agreement because they were very involved in the process and may have found the agreement to be fair. Divorce is generally a stressful process, so having an opportunity to avoid an ugly situation by working all the details out before the court date is helpful. In many cases, it is a good solution because it cuts down on mental strain, allows for the parents to decide on custody arrangements and handles all of the financials settlements.

Divorce is a very common legal issue, so it's important that couples have a simple and less expensive way to end their marriages. The process of collaborative divorce cuts down on stress and allows both parties to have a say in the divorce settlement.

Source: Inquisitr, "Collaborative Divorce Continues To Spread In The USA – Welcomed By Stress Ridden Divorcees", George Nielsen, June 29, 2014

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