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IL county receives more money to enforce child support orders

IL county receives more money to enforce child support orders

IL County receives more money to enforce child support orders for the first time in seven years. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services is increasing the amount that it is giving St. Clair County $667,000 a year from the $617,000 that it had been receiving in previous years.

The money is expected to go toward funding support staff, investigators and new technology that will attempt to reduce waste incurred during the child support collection process. A total of 3.5 prosecutors will also be added with the extra funding from the state. With the increase in funds, the county expects to be able to help more custodial parents send their kids to school and attempt to "break the cycle of poverty" in the area, according to the state's attorney, who had argued for funding for St. Clair County on the grounds that it was the most in need of it.

The supervisor of the child support unit in the Children's Justice Division said that a child who may become a truant and a higher risk to commit a crime may not be able to go to school simply because his or her parents couldn't afford a uniform or a good pair of shoes. She also said that these services are free to anyone who wants to apply for help getting the support that custodial parents are entitled to.

Nonpayment of child support can put the well-being of a child in danger. As a consequence, nonpaying parents may be sentenced to jail time as well as be required to make good on any past-due child support balance. Custodial parents who are seeking the support that they are entitled to may wish to hire a family law attorney for help. The attorney may be able to take action such as asking for the wages of the noncustodial parent to be garnished or asking for a lump sum payment immediately. The attorney could also draft a modification appeal on behalf of a parent having difficulty making payments.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, "State allocates more money to St. Clair County for child support collection ", Beth Hundsdorfer, August 04, 2014

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