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Divorcing couples try collaborative efforts to ease stress

Divorcing couples try collaborative efforts to ease stress

Couples heading for divorce court in Illinois may want to take advantage of a new method for settling their differences and coming to an amicable agreement. According to many experts, collaborative divorce may help the family to move forward with their lives unencumbered with the usual tension that affects everyone involved in a more typical divorce battle.

Collaborative divorce differs from the typical lawyer-led agreements because the negotiations and decisions to be made are largely placed with the parties that are filing. Some divorce attorneys and counseling professionals are seeking out training necessary to learn how to effectively guide these discussions. Unlike mediation, each collaborative divorce meeting involves both parties and those who represent them. All are present at the discussion table and issues can be openly brought up.

Since divorce often brings about strong emotional reactions from one or both parties, sitting down to have a reasonable discussion can be difficult. With the help of trained professionals to keep the negotiations civil and productive, the results can be positive and far less disturbing than the usual battle with lines drawn and one or both sides stubbornly refusing to give in. Using the friendlier method, litigation with a judge making important family decisions while the lawyers represent what each of their clients want may be the best way for both spouses to end up in harmonious situations after the divorce has become final.

If collaborative divorce sounds like an interesting alternative to the usual divorce battles, a spouse should contact an attorney for help in deciding whether it will work. It may be worth exploring if the family can be spared the trauma that accompanies many breakups.

Source: CNBC, "Collaborative divorce can ease emotional, economic stress", Deborah Nason, May 02, 2014

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