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How Illinois couples could end their marriage with integrity

How Illinois couples could end their marriage with integrity

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the decision is often one-sided. One of the partners may want the divorce while the other is oblivious to the apparent issues. Regardless of the reason, many spouses wish to terminate the commitment of monogamy with integrity and respect for the other spouse. The subject becomes even more important when children are involved. Parents, who live in Illinois, may be interested to learn some important tips on how to leave their partner with dignity and consideration for their feelings.

In situations of co-parenting, ending the marriage positively will ensure emotional closure and create an optimistic outlook for the new relationship the parents are creating. If the spouse that isn't asking for the divorce feels disrespected during the proceedings, he or she may retaliate by dragging out the legal process.

It may be important to seek out a marriage counselor before filing for divorce. Those who commit to a certain number of sessions are encouraged to complete the therapy out of respect for their partner. Being specific about the reasons for wanting the marriage to end should be clearly specified, allowing the other spouse to fully understand the decision. Taking responsibility for the mutual involvement in the relationship may provide the other partner with a willingness to cooperate and pursue an amicable divorce. Triggering arguments is discouraged during efforts to achieve a collaborative divorce. Approaching a partner in a polite fashion may assure them that the leaving spouse is not aiming to destroy them financially, emotionally or legally.

Family law attorneys are aware that making the transition from being married to a single life can be challenging. Parents could be guided toward a successful divorce with integrity.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Ending Your Marriage With Integrity", Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. , February 04, 2014

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