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Jason Patric and ex-girlfriend battle over child custody

Jason Patric and ex-girlfriend battle over child custody

Illinois residents may be interested in the ongoing custody battle being waged between actor Jason Patric and his ex-girlfriend. Mr. Patric and his ex had a son together in 2009 after he donated his sperm to her so that she could fulfill her dream of being a mother. Since that time, he has been seeking a joint custody arrangement.

The couple broke up in 2012. Mr. Patric is recognized by the law as a sperm donor rather than a biological father. Because of this classification, he has no paternal rights. He filed for joint custody, but the court rejected that bid in early 2013. He subsequently filed an appeal, which has not yet been decided.

Mr. Patric said he has been attempting to communicate with his son's mother for 10 months. He said he has sent emails and letters to her attorneys and has even sent articles regarding the importance of a father's role in a child's life to his ex. She responded to his attempts to communicate by getting a one-year restraining order against the actor. Mr. Patric has set up a charity to support his cause and recently held a fundraiser, which was attended by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Mel Gibson among others.

Child custody cases can always be complex, but this one is more so because the child was originally conceived through sperm donation. Mr. Patric is therefore trying to obtain rights that he never had. The case is also complicated by the lack of communication between the parents. While it can sometimes be difficult, courts generally prefer that parents agree on their own custody plan rather than battling over it in court. A family law attorney could help a parent make their case in court or in custody agreement negotiations.

Source: WTVA, "Jason Patric's ex-girlfriend granted restraining order against him", November 30, 2013

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