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Father of Sarah Palin’s grandson seeks equal custody

Father of Sarah Palin's grandson seeks equal custody

Illinois readers may be interested to learn that Bristol Palin, daughter of one-time vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, had a child with a man who filed a petition for equal custody in October 2013. Although the parents share legal custody per a 2010 agreement, the father reportedly has failed to pay a significant amount of child support.

It is unknown how the outstanding $66,000 that the father owed as of October 15 will affect his plea for shared guardianship. In the current arrangement, the mother maintains primary physical custody of the four-year-old child in question.

The boy's father has since married and has a daughter with his wife. He said that he wants his son to be involved in both of his parent's lives. At the time of reporting, he had not released a statement addressing the allegedly overdue sum of child support.

Family law can be complex, especially when emotional separations are involved. When parents split, the divorce may negatively affect their abilities to make essential joint decisions. Even with amicable separations, some parents discover that the confusing nature of custody laws and property divisions may make it harder for them to safeguard their loved ones' futures. Seemingly minor decisions about separation agreements may prove to have notable consequences later.

Parents could get stuck in untenable support arrangements or separations that fail to provide their children with adequate resources. Family law lawyers could assist these individuals by mediating otherwise hostile negotiations and clarifying the potential ramifications of certain decisions.

Source: ABC News, "Johnston Files Petition for Custody of Son Tripp", Becky Bohrer, November 07, 2013

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