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Visitation and support after divorce

Visitation and support after divorce

Illinois residents may be interested in learning about information regarding American families going through divorce and the importance of visitation and support arrangements. Normally, people have used the divorce process to arrange support and formal visitation; however, many Americans prepare prenuptial agreements that allow for decisions regarding divorce even before they get married. These arrangements predetermine responsibilities and expectations, which prevent the need for further arguing and negotiations regarding child support obligations.

For many parents, support and visitation arrangements are not required. For example, those who were never married do not have to go through the process of a divorce, which usually resolves issues regarding visitation, custody and support. However, going through the child support enforcement system may be required in order to receive particular government benefits, especially as far as support is concerned.

Although parents may feel that they can work out these issues on their own without legal aid, conditions may change that could make prearranged agreements useful. For example, one or both of the parents may begin a relationship with someone new or get a new job that may change the dynamics of the situation. In contrast, there are those who understand that they need third-party aid in making arrangements from the very beginning.

Illinois residents who are looking to set up child custody, support and visitation arrangements might benefit from the services of an attorney with experience in family law matters. Such an attorney may be able to help prepare appropriate agreements that take into account the best interests of the children and also serve to protect the rights and interests of the client.

Source: The Washington Informer, "Putting the Spotlight on Family Law Legal Needs", Joy Moses, September 17, 2013

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