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Sexism is an act that doesn’t discriminate based on gender

Sexism is an act that doesn't discriminate based on gender

The term sexism is often relegated to conversations involving discrimination against women. Whether it is in the employment context or in the home, and this is not to say that these conversations lack truth. However, the same stereotypes that women fought to eliminate affect men as well. Sexism is one act that doesn't discriminate based on gender. 

When it comes to family roles, more and more men are taking on the job of caretaker whether it is a shared role in a two-salaried home or one in which the woman is the primary earner. Yet, when it comes to child custody, women are often favored over men. In fact, author of "The Second Sexism," David Benatar, relayed data that shows that men are granted the custody of the children in only 10 percent of divorce cases. 

Children are a lot of work, there is no doubt about that. Even though they can wear a parent out mentally, emotionally and physically, for most dads they are a pure source of joy. It is not that men are unwilling to partake in the caring for the children; courts often allow mothers to have a larger percentage of the time for one reason or another. 

Caring for children also costs money, and men are often stuck footing the bill for not only child support but alimony as well. In some states, the alimony award is even a permanent one. 

Many authors have written about how the stereotypes themselves perpetuate this sexism against men. They are often told that they have to be the primary earner, own the financial responsibility during and after a relationship has ended. The sexism against men may not be talked about as often, but there is a movement in the legal context as many men fight for fathers' rights in family court. 

Although these seem like grim statistics, there is one way for fathers to protect their parental interests. Whether going through divorce or seeking custody of a child outside of a marital relationship, the right attorney can make the difference. 

Source: The Atlantic, "When Men Experience Sexism," Noah Berlatsky, May 29, 2013

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