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Father owes $119,000 in back child support

Father owes $119,000 in back child support

A mother that had grown up in Illinois and who had crisscrossed the country with her former husband and four children has been attempting to collect $119,000 in unpaid child support. The child support obligations apparently go back as much as 12 years.

Following the divorce, this mother took her children back to Illinois where she worked as a substitute teacher. Her husband was obligated to pay approximately $10 a day for each child, and the mother's financial circumstances began to deteriorate as this money was not forthcoming. Even while working a second job, the mother was required to ask for help from her family and friends to pay for her children's needs.

Besides avoiding paying child support, the father of the children apparently has also failed to participate in the children's lives. Two of the children have stated they have not seen their father in several years, and they've virtually never spoken to him on the telephone.

As in almost every circumstance concerning child support, the purpose of the obligations at a minimum involves having children provided with food, clothing, housing and health care. However, courts hope to achieve much more than that when ordering child support payments be made.

Any order in a divorce that pertains to children is to be made with the best interests of the child in mind. This means making certain that a child's physical, mental, emotional and educational needs are met, that beneficial involvement and contact with both parents is maintained, and that the children are not impacted mentally or physically because of the divorce.

Unfortunately, we have too many cases like the one mentioned above where all the parenting duties fall upon one parent alone. Family law attorneys that understand the importance of making certain a child's needs are met will do all that they can to work with both parents. They will stress that looking out for the needs of the children will provide benefits for the parents as well. As children grow up, they will remember which parent was there for them, and which parent was not.

Source: KBOI, "Dad owed $119K in child support - 'There were four innocent kids," by Mike Murad, Feb. 27, 2013

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