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“I would like to thank you again for the extremely professional representation you provided during my Bankruptcy Proceeding. My Bankruptcy was quite difficult however, your diligent attention made us feel comfortable that we would be successful….and we were! I will outline the Case History as a Testimonial to share our experience and to express our appreciation for what an exceptional job you did for us.”
“In the fall of 2011, I was forced to file for Bankruptcy Protection due to a Business Failure. I did receive my discharge and, unfortunately and to my great surprise, my Business Partner filed an Adversary Proceeding in late 2013. The 55 Count Complaint included Fraud, Embezzlement etc. Although the Complaint was largely without Merit, there were some real concerns. By this time my Wife and I were very concerned and extremely nervous about the direction the Case was heading. We were introduced to Mr.Kelly in late August 2014 when the Case was almost a year old and appeared to not be heading in our favor and Trial was already scheduled for November 21st, 2014! From the moment Mr. Kelly took the Case, my Wife and I were impressed with the attention he gave to our concerns. We know he placed other important business on hold to get up to speed with our Case. Mr. Kelly concentrated on understanding the Case and both preparing for Trial and preparing me for Trial. His Court presence was very professional and I was well prepared. The Trial was completed in one day and the Court found in my favor on all Counts. Thank you again Mr. Kelly for the very professional representation you provided!”

Patrick M ,