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Grandparents Can Obtain Custody

New Illinois Custody Law:  Grandparents Can Obtain Custody PER AMENDED CUSTODY LAW 750 ILCS5/601 This blog is focused on the new custody law enacted in the state of Illinois and affecting Palatine, Arlington Heights and Rolling Meadows.  Per amended custody law 750 ILCS5/601, under circumstances in the new law, grandparents can obtain custody of a minor child in Illinois.  This…
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Grandparent Custody: New Illinois Custody Law

Grandparent Custody: New Illinois Custody Law Per amended custody law 750 ILCS5/601 There is a new Illinois custody law allowing a grandparent custody of a minor child, affecting divorce and custody cases in Palatine, Arlington Heights and Rolling Meadows and all other areas in Illinois. This law went into effect on January 1, 2016 and has many significant amendments that…
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Two boys return to grandparent’s custody after parental kidnapping

Two boys return to grandparent's custody after parental kidnapping The two Hakken boys grabbed national attention this month after their parents, who had lost custody of the boys earlier in the month, allegedly kidnapped the boys and fled to Cuba in a small boat. It's a story many residents here in Illinois hope never happens…
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Visitation dispute goes ‘nuclear’ between mom and grandparents

Visitation dispute goes 'nuclear' between mom and grandparents A highly-acrimonious dispute over whether the grandparents of a deceased man will be allowed to host their 5-year-old granddaughter for court-ordered visitation is now in its third year, and a Cass County family court judge has just taken an unusual step. Ruling that the mother, a former…
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