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Petitioning for visitation in Illinois

Petitioning for visitation in Illinois Chicago parents who do not have custody of their children may consider petitioning for visitation in Illinois. Alternatively, these parents may ask that provisions of this nature be included in their divorce decree. This applies to divorce cases in Cook County, Lake County, Chicago, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows and…
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Types of custody in Illinois

Types of Custody in Illinois Most people in Illinois think custody only refers to where a child will live most of the time. Legally, however, custody also refers to the ability of one or both parents to make important decisions for the child in such areas as medical, educational, counseling and religious choices. This decision-making…
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Factors in determining child custody in Illinois

Factors in Determining Child Custody in Illinois Every state has their own unique statutes that address child custody. However, Illinois parents might be interested to learn that most child custody statues are written with the same goal, which is to further the best interests of the child. Courts around the country use similar factors in…
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Factors that determine child support in Illinois

Factors that determine child support in Illinois When determining child support in Illinois, the best interest of the child is the court's top priority. This applies to all child support cases in Illinois including Palatine, Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, etc. Factors that are considered when creating a support order include the financial resources and needs…
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