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COVID-19 and Divorce

COVID-19 and Divorce


“May you live in interesting times.”

Chinese Proverb.

"Interesting times", according to the Chinese, were never interpreted as prosperous
and good, but simply interesting. No one can doubt that we do in fact live in interesting
times right now. We can never be sure how one day will be different from the last.

With COVID-19 now taking center stage, we are experiencing unprecedented
(except of course for the 1918 Influenza outbreak) mandatory quarantine and isolation.
We are also experiencing something completely new and terrifying and that is the shut
down of the American economy. With record unemployment figures being reported every
week, it is understandable why people are experiencing such heightened anxiety. However, please
remember that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever and neither will this virus.

Here is what you need to know concerning COVID-19 and divorce
in Cook County and the collar counties.

1. Legal services are considered to be essential services which means that an
attorney can meet with a client at his or her office. However, proper
distancing is still required.

2. That the Courts in Cook County and the collar counties are closed until at
least May 1, 2020. It is possible that the closures could exceed that time frame
depending on whether the infection rates start to flatten.

3. Consider Skype or Zoom instead of face to face meetings. I have been using
that with my clients and that seems to be working adequately in most

If you have questions about your divorce case and how to proceed with it, please feel free
to give me a call +1 (847) 202-1616 or email me at Until then stay safe and healthy.

James Kelly

About the author:

James M. Kelly is engaged in representing clients in contested and uncontested
dissolution of marriage proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings, both Chapter 7 and
Chapter 13. James Kelly, has been practicing in the northwest suburbs of Cook County ​
and to a very relevant extent McHenry County, Lake County and DuPage County. James
Kelly has been admitted to the practice of law in the State of Illinois since 1994.

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