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Collaborative Law

Illinois Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Palatine, Illinois Collaborative Divorce Attorney

When faced with the emotional and financial stresses of a divorce there are alternatives that can preserve your time and resources and allow you to devise an appropriate solution to suit your family's needs. At The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, we have extensive experience in Collaborative Divorce, a formal process that allows parties to work collaboratively to resolve their divorce.

Collaborative Law technique is a growing trend in resolving divorce disputes to minimize the resources, time, and emotional distress often affiliated with standard court proceedings. Contact us to learn more about your rights and Collaborative Divorce alternatives to divorce.

Collaborative Divorce • Divorce Alternative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative law is becoming a popular way to avoid costs of court and to minimize the conflict in a divorce proceeding. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and minimizing the emotional and financial distress associated with a standard court proceeding. A collaborative process can be particularly appropriate for couples seeking to amicably resolve any disputes and work quickly through the divorce process while protecting their rights and assets.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law enables parties to resolve their issues without going to court. Each party hires their own collaborative law attorney and this provides for a neutral ground for achieving success. The parties and their lawyers then meet to facilitate, solve and negotiate issues at hand. At certain times throughout the process, especially in the case of collaborative divorces, outside experts such as child psychologists or financial professionals are brought to further resolve and support. Finally, the case is simplified to an agreement without the need to litigate in court.

Why Choose Us?

We will help to utilize the process in achieving creative solutions for both parties. James M. Kelly has embraced the collaborative process because it effectively deals with the legal issue while at the same time bringing numerous benefits as opposed to following conventional routes. As parties are more open to solving their problems, a healthier balance is achieved, allowing the case to be completed with lesser cost.

Contact the Law Offices of James M. Kelly for a free consultation with an experienced Palatine, Illinois lawyer. We offer over 25 years of experience in divorce dispute resolution.