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Stepparent Adoption

Palatine Stepparent Adoption Attorney

Generally speaking, adoptions involving stepparents are relatively straightforward. Typically, the blended family will already be together, which can help to minimize potential legal snags. However, this does not mean that the process is never frustrating or difficult, especially when there are issues with one of the biological parents. That is why it is important to have experienced legal counsel to guide you through this process.

At The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, our Palatine stepparent adoption lawyer has been serving the people of Illinois for more than 25 years. We are committed to helping you find solutions to your family law issues that are tailored to fit the needs of your unique situation.

The Benefits of Adopting a Stepchild

When you have already established a relationship with a child and one or both of the child's biological parents, you may question whether it is worth the trouble to legally adopt the child, especially if you have already been granted full legal and joint custody. The fact is, an adoption removes the barriers to getting medical and other services for a nonbiological child, and can help strengthen the bond between stepparent and stepchild.

For the most part, the adoption process is relatively easy, particularly when a biological parent is not interested in raising the child or otherwise voluntarily relinquishes his or her parental rights. However, when a biological parent objects to the adoption, things can become complicated quickly. Our Palatine family law attorney is committed to seeing that your adoption process is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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