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Post Divorce Modifications Enforcement

Palatine Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer

At The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, we realize that your life is always changing, and it would be impractical to think otherwise. At the time of your divorce, the support and spousal agreements you made applied to your life and the lives of your children. Now your needs have changed.

If you are seeking to modify your child support, child custody or spousal support orders, Palatine post-divorce modifications attorney James M. Kelly can help you. In addition to modifications, our team of professionals can assist you with enforcing your judgments as well as petitioning to hold nonpaying parents in contempt of court.

A Compassionate Elgin Child Support Enforcement Attorney

For more than 25 years, founder James M. Kelly has been advising and representing individuals and families throughout Illinois in varying family law cases. With the knowledge he gained helping his clients resolve complicated domestic relation issues, he is fully prepared to work with you to modify or enforce your court order involving:

In Illinois, in order to modify your support and spousal agreements, you must be able to prove that the modification is not only needed, but will also improve the circumstances. Depending on the court order that you would like to modify, the court will determine whether your modification should be granted by identifying factors such as:

  • There has been a significant change in circumstances with your income, health, education, age of child, etc.
    • Emancipation of child
    • A new relationship or remarriage
    • Drug, alcohol or other addiction, abandonment or other neglect issues
    • Change in parenting schedules due to employment, medical reasons, etc.

We can help you prepare for your petition by identifying and establishing the changes in circumstances that have resulted in the need for a modification.

Assisting You With Enforcement Actions

In addition to helping you modify your divorce agreements, our qualified lawyer can assist you with enforcement. If one party is continuously late on payments or fails to abide by the original agreements in the judgment, you can take legal action.

James M. Kelly will advocate your best interests in court to enforce your support and spousal orders. Depending on your circumstances, the court may order the negligent party to pay back support debt by placing liens on loans or garnishing wages and tax refunds. The judge may also establish an enhanced payment schedule or even order incarceration.

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