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Legal Separation

Palatine Legal Separation Lawyer

Deciding to file for divorce will likely be one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your relationship with your spouse. While this decision is less difficult for some couples, others may be facing challenges, especially if children are involved. At The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, we can help you determine if a legal separation may be the appropriate next step in your marriage.

For more than 25 years, Palatine legal separation attorney James M. Kelly has been providing dependable legal counsel and representation to individuals and families struggling with complicated family law issues, often revolving around divorce. We serve our family law clients from our office in Palatine, Illinois.

A Compassionate Family Law Attorney Helping You Make the Right Decisions

Elgin separation agreement attorney and founder James M. Kelly is a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. He has helped many couples effectively resolve their domestic relations problems through mediation and other collaborative law approaches. He is also a skilled litigator and will not hesitate to bring your case to trial when necessary.

When you consult with The Law Offices of James M. Kelly, our experienced lawyer will answer your questions, like:

  • What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?
  • What happens if we are unable to get divorced because of financial, religious or other reasons?
  • What are the benefits of legal separation?
  • What will happen to our finance if we are legally separated?

Legal separation will not legally dissolve your marriage, but it does allow both parties an opportunity to start creating separate lives in the event of a divorce. While marital property will only be legally divided at the time of a divorce, we will work collectively with you to identify other related issues that may need to be determined, like support and separation of residences.

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