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Grandparents’ Rights

Palatine Grandparents' Rights Attorney

Grandparents' rights is a growing area of the law that concerns grandparents' efforts to get custody or be granted visitation of their grandchildren. It can be difficult to assert a right to custody or visitation. However, if a grandchild is in danger, or if it is in his or best interests to be with a grandparent, a strong case can be made for granting custody or visitation rights.

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Receiving Custody of a Grandchild

Custody of a grandchild may be granted to a grandparent if the child is in danger or the biological parents are otherwise unwilling or unable to care for the child. In order to be granted custody, there must be a termination of parental rights. In some cases, this is straightforward, such as when a parent voluntarily gives up his or her rights. In other cases, this may prove to be a contentious issue. Our Palatine family law attorney has extensive experience handling these cases and can guide you through this process.

Grandchildren and Visitation Rights

A parent may generally deny a grandparent the right to visit with grandchildren for any reason. However, if it is in the child's best interests to have regular visitation or contact with the grandparent, the court may award visitation rights to the grandparent. Our legal team can explain the factors the court will consider when it comes to a child's best interests, and we will work hard to help you establish and maintain a relationship with your grandchild.

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