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Pacers player petitions for sole custody of child

Pacers player petitions for sole custody of child

NBA fans in Illinois may be interested to read that an Indiana Pacers player petitions for sole custody of child. Paul George is seeking a second paternity test as part of a custody dispute with the child's mother. While records show that the woman has previously filed a paternity test that indicated with 99.9 percent probability that George is the child's biological father, George has stated that he has various "misgivings" about the accuracy of that test. However, he also says that if the second test confirms his paternity, he will embrace it and pursue sole custody of the two-month-old.

The mother and child have been living with family in Queens since the child's birth May 1. According to George's custody petition, he is more deserving of sole custody than the mother because she is unemployed and is not seeking employment. In addition, his petition claims that he has the resources to care and provide for the child while she is "dependent" on others for assistance.

If George is not awarded custody, he has asked that the court provide the mother with a level of child support that is "less than" Florida's child support guidelines. He is said to have met the woman in Florida and has petitioned to have the trial take place in that jurisdiction.

Courts involved in paternal custody rights cases such as this often strive to act in the best interests of the child, but it is not always easy to decide what that may be. The domestic circumstances of a parent claiming custody and perhaps even their relationship with the other party may be subject to extensive scrutiny in a situation like this, the results of which can often be the determining factor in their eligibility from a court's perspective. For this reason, they may benefit from having an attorney advocate on their behalf and present evidence that favors their case.

Source: IndyStar, "Pacers' Paul George seeks sole custody of child", June 30, 2014

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