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The benefits of collaborative divorce

The benefits of collaborative divorce

Chicago residents considering an end to their marriage may be unfamiliar with the collaborative approach to divorce. A collaborative divorce is not the same thing as a divorce involving a mediator; in a collaborative approach, each spouse has an attorney, and the ultimate aim is a peaceful resolution that satisfies everyone involved. Most collaborative divorces can be completed in under a year, and they are generally cheaper than divorces that get tied up in litigation as well.

One key aspect of a collaborative divorce is transparency. Participants are open and honest about sharing information, and everyone remains committed to the common goal. Neutral professionals are often involved in this type of divorce. These are people with the professional expertise to advise both parties in making joint decisions. Depending on the assets and the dynamic of the parties involved in the divorce, neutral professionals may include financial advisers, real estate evaluators, and mental health and child specialists.

A collaborative divorce can be far less traumatic for separating spouses and their families. Furthermore, it sets the groundwork for what might be years of effectively working through parenting and other post-divorce issues.

People who are interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce may want to speak with lawyers about alternative approaches to conflict resolution. It might be helpful to gather as much information as possible beforehand regarding finances, child care and other specifics. A collaborative divorce may be particularly important in a case where one spouse is not on equal footing financially and a favorable outcome is desired on both ends, regardless of dependent disadvantages.

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