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New app looks to make it easier to track child support

New app looks to make it easier to track child support

Illinois readers might be interested in a new iOS and Android app called SupportPay, that aims to make it easier for divorced couples to track child-related expenses. While a divorce agreement may spell out general child support arrangements, the day-to-day reality is that there are lots of little details that parents need to work out such as who will pay for karate class, or whose turn it is to buy school clothes this year.

SupportPay is intended to make it easy for parents to track expenses by allowing both to instantly scan and store receipts. This way parents can be assured that their money is going to the children. The app also offers a pre-approval system that will trigger a review from when expenses reach a certain amount. These measures can go a long way toward reassuring parents that the money is being spent fairly.

Future iterations of the app will offer expanded services to help families in a variety of situations to handle shared finances. For example, two adult siblings are sharing the care of older parents. One pays the electric bill and the other the phone bill. These accounts will need to be reconciled annually. The app can help manage and track expenses while protecting financial information that members do not wish to share.

With or without the help of technology, parents who are divorcing will have to negotiate the division of property and child support arrangements. A lawyer with experience in family law may be able to assist spouses with mediation in order to have a custom-designed collaborative divorce. If any disputed issues remain, they can be litigated in divorce court.

Source: Fast Company, "Supportpay Aims to Take Headaches Out of Child Support and Family Finances ", David Zax, February 18, 2014

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